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We are united for a better tomorrow we work together to create and sustain a meaningful difference in the world because we are committed to providing a better tomorrow for everyone.
We firmly think that everyone should have the right to live a life with at least the bare necessities.
In our ideal future, communities work together to overcome all challenges and live more healthy and secure lives. Our vision is to reach more vulnerable people and cover more areas in Lebanon partnering with other NGOs to exchange experiences and learning and to widen our ability and efficiency in supporting communities.

"I can't reward you no matter what I say"

"You stood by me in my hardships...if I speak more I will cry..."

"You were the only ones by my side when I needed help"

What keeps us going

"Your are our only hope"

"Seeing you makes me feel warm"

"Credibility is your priority and you keep your promises"

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