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About Us

Our main focus is to enhance the life of the people and give them a better tomorrow.
Who We Are
United for a Better Tomorrow (UFBT) is a local Non-Governmental Organization established in 2014, and registered in October 2021 with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities under the number: 1113. It represents a group of social activists who started as volunteers with the belief and motive that all people have the right of minimum living conditions.
What We Do
Since 2014 and until today, UFBT has been active in the service of the society supporting thousands of families in Lebanon directly and indirectly through other organizations and social centres. Assistance varies from distribution of food parcels, clothes, hygiene kits, personal items, financial donations to cover housing rentals, medical assistance and others. UFBT has also been offering Psychosocial and recreational activities to elderly and children, activities with children with disabilities, referral of families to case management services at NGOs and volunteering activities at organizations’ centres.
Areas of Intervention
Children and Youth, Elderly and Family, Shelter, Food Security and reducing hunger and poverty, Improving quality of life and health, Providing NFI items such as clothes, medicines and other items

Our Logo, explained

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On that day “August 4, 2020”, that dark minute “6:07” we knew that a difficult path was ahead. After the immediate action taken by us and the volunteers, the decision of establishing an NGO was taken. And in order to ensure that we would never forget that moment, we included it in our logo; just as a logo endures forever, so too will that moment live on in our hearts and minds.

What keeps us going

"I can't reward you no matter what I say"

"You stood by me in my hardships...if I speak more I will cry..."

"You were the only ones by my side when I needed help"

What keeps us going

"Your are our only hope"

"Seeing you makes me feel warm"

"Credibility is your priority and you keep your promises"

Meet The Founders






Our Assistance Varies From

Food Parcels

Hygiene Kits

Clothes & Shoes

Cash for Rent


Medication & Hospitalization

In addition to: Milk for children, Diapers, Books, Toys , Psychosocial and recreational activities with elderly and children, Volunteering with organizations and centers, Referral to case management services organizations


UFBT donors are local and international NGOS along with 300 individuals residing in Lebanon and expatriates in Africa, Canada, Europe, KSA, Qatar, UK and UAE.
With the needs increasing, UFBT has structured projects of food assistance, hygiene security, education, elderly, psycho-social support, youth empowerment targeting the most vulnerable families that the organization needs support with to be able to respond widely to the different needs.
To become a donor: [email protected] - 00961 76 783 683

Organizations and NGOs we collaborate with